move It* is a pay-per-use mobile app that lets you skip the line at your favorite restaurant, bar, or nightclub within seconds.

We get it. Everyone has a packed schedule these days. No one has time to account for long lines in their plans. move it allows you to gain back those precious, extra minutes to spend checking out that second wing of the museum, linger at the coffee shop with a friend, or pick your mom up from the airport.

No need for call, email, or text confirmations. Everything is done simply through the app.

What you get with


  • Skip the long wait in endless lines
  • Save valuable time and stay on schedule
  • Enjoy your day with friends and family
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  • Serve more customers
  • Build a loyal fan base
  • Create a new revenue stream
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How it works

Step 01

Create your move it account.

If there is a long line ahead of you…

Step 02

Pay the fee set by your venue of choice to skip the long wait.

Step 03

Jump the line to snag the next available table at that restaurant, entry to the nightclub, or food order at your favorite take-out joint.Move It Step3

Step 04

Enjoy all of your extra time with family, friends, or Netflix.

Let’s get started now

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