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Stay on schedule and save your valuable time

Are you a working professional, a student, a busy parent, commuter, or simply a person who likes to get the most out of their day, and are constantly in a hurry? Sometimes you may experience bumps in the road when your car may not start, or traffic may occur. You may be in the unfortunate situation during your morning commute to get a flat tire or may be involved in a fender bender… Due to your day’s mishaps or say a short lunch break, you might have to skip meals or grab something undesirable, in order to hasten yourself back to your tasks or events. With us you don’t have to. Move It allows you to stay on schedule by skipping waiting lines at bars, clubs and busy eateries. This way when emergencies occur, you can still make it to all of the places you have planned and stay on your schedule.

Making last minute plans? Enjoy your time with friends and family

Are you having unexpected guests or an outing, and you need to plan your next day’s activities out to get the most of your time during your guest’s visit? Do you have an appointment or tickets to a planned event and you need to ensure you make it there on time and enjoy your meal at the very establishment of your choice regardless of the wait time? Have you ever had the challenge of planning around a commuting schedule to work or home before the late evening time? When you become a member of Move it, you can overcome these planning obstacles easily, go into the establishment of your choice, and skip any existing waiting line.

Visit your favorite restaurants at peak hours

There are literally hundreds of amazing restaurants here in our great city. Don’t limit your choices of where to eat based on your day’s schedule or the fact that there might be a long waiting line. With your membership, your options are open to enjoy all of the nooks and crannies the city has to offer.

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