What you get with move it

Stay on schedule and save your valuable time

We know how you feel. As a working professional, student, busy parent, or commuter, you want to get the most out of your day. Whether you’re already on a tight schedule with no wiggle room, or a flat tire throws off your whole day, you shouldn’t have to compromise your meals; especially after a bad day. move it allows you to stay on schedule by skipping the line at your favorite bars, clubs and busy eateries. When the unexpected pops up, you can still make it to your plans on time without a hitch.

Enjoy last minute plans with friends and family

Have a friend in town for just the weekend? With move it you can plan out each day’s agenda without having to factor in wait time; that means, more time to spend with your special guest. Plus, you can make it to your concert, movie, or basketball game on time, while still grabbing dinner at that Thai place you’ve been dying to try.

Peak hours? No sweat.

These days, new, awesome restaurants are opening every week. That’s at least an hour wait at the hot new place around the corner for brunch with your girls Sunday morning. With a membership, you don’t have to limit your dining choices based on your busy schedule, or fear of the dreaded wait. Skip the line at the new place, or find tons of your neighborhood’s best nooks and crannies using the app.

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