Our mission is to connect venues and customers in an innovative, exciting way that embraces the modern rush of daily life. Our unique platform benefits restaurants, nightclubs, and bars by cementing loyal relationships with frequent patrons, and building a robust brand that new customers will easily recognize. You make money. You make your customers happy. You rake in even more business. What’s not to like?


What you get with move it


Serve more customers

move it

Build a loyal fan base

Build a new revenue stream

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Serve more customers

Don’t you wish that there was a way to serve every customer that came through the door without losing any to a wait? Our app acts as a traffic magnet for members who want to dine at your restaurant or get in the door at your club, but don’t have time to spare. Get your patrons right in the door before they go looking elsewhere.


Build a Loyal Fan Base

Your customer service gets taken above and beyond with little to no effort on your part. Providing the simple option to line-hop will automatically give you clout with new customers. Give even more incentive with food or drink specials exclusive to members.


Your fee, Your choice

Whether giving people priority access to your restaurant’s wait list or allowing people the convenience of not waiting in line, move it allows you to set your own price for convenience. You decide on how much to charge, and begin making money immediately.

Our restaurant partners typically increase their profit by twenty percent each month for each of their locations.

(*move it membership is free for each venue. We take a set percentage of each transaction that people paid to skip the line. People pay for the food/drinks directly to the venue. They pay through the app only to skip line)


Direct support

Our support team is available for you to contact, should you have any inquiries, from 8am - 5pm EST. Call us at 617-606-0862. You can also email your inquiries at info@moveitlife.com.



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