move it* is a pay-per-use mobile app for people who never want to wait in long lines again.

For a small fee, members can skip those long lines or jump to the head of a wait list at their favorite bars, nightclubs and restaurants whenever they want. Everyone has a busy schedule, and move it* allows people to gain back those extra minutes during their day which help them stay on schedule and get to where they need to be faster.

No need for phone calls, emails or text confirmations, everything is done simply through our app.

Move It

What you get with
move it

Move It


  • Skip the long wait in endless lines
  • Save valuable time and stay on schedule
  • Enjoy your day with friends and family where you want to, when you want to
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Move It


  • Brand exposure
  • Serve more customers
  • Create loyalty between you and your guests
  • Build a new revenue stream
  • Direct support
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How it works


Step 01

Move it* members download 'move it' mobile application from the App store. They create an account, and add a payment card on file.

Move It Step1 Move It Step1

Move it members walk into a participating location. They, for example are short on time, and see a long waiting line ahead of them.

Move It Step1

Step 02

They can either wait in line, or they can pay the fee (*set by the venue) within move it mobile application each time they need to skip the entire waiting line to get in a busy bar or a nightclub,  to get a prompt service in a Quick Service Restaurant, or to jump to the head of a wait list at their favorite Full Service Restaurant.

Move It Step2 Move It Step2

Step 03

After transaction fee is paid, members wait for the next available table, place their order with restaurant staff ahead of the waiting line, or enter their favorite bar or a nightclub ahead of the waiting line. *nightclub admission is per venue's discretion.

Move It Step3

Step 04

After the order is made, they grab it, or their party is seated at the next available table.

Move It Step4

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